Remembering our loved ones…

Today is my Dad’s birthday so happy birthday Dad! He would’ve been 61 if he was still here. I wrote a little poem for him which I’d like to share.

Today we celebrate the life of you

Our Dad, our protector, a true blue

Life was not easy, but you made it through

Through all these years, we still remember you 

Your loyalty, your care, your sense of humor 

Are all the traits that never floundered 

Although on Earth we live without you 

We feel your love and send it right back to you 

We love you, Dad 

We truly do 

Today we celebrate in remembrance of you! 

I never got to know my Dad that much while he was here, but I will always remember the love he showed me. It’s important that I don’t spend my life in grief over him, but celebrate and be happy instead. Life is too short to mull over the past. As I get older, I find it comforting to know he’s still out there somewhere even if it’s not here on earth. We love him and he knows it so…


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