Spiritual Work Is Hard

Karma came back to bite me

Like a mosquito bite on the arm

It stings, itches and bothers throughout the day

Karma reminds me I still have work to do

Things still need clearing

And they must be processed through

I acknowledge I am not perfect, not one bit!

But I do my best

Then leave the rest to Him

Spiritual work is hard

Especially when you want it most

Peace, silence…

Trust in the universe

So don’t give up hope

You’ve still got a long way to go


If you are reading this, just know that it gets better! Don’t lose hope. Spiritual work may be hard sometimes, especially if you are interested in enlightenment, but it will all make sense one day. Take this from someone who’s dealt with a lot of struggle and pain. My faith in God has saved me, restored me and reminded me of who I truly am. We are all here on Earth to learn and grow. So be kind to yourself and keep doing the next right thing.


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