My journey to God

Being so committed to finding the Truth has led my life down an interesting path to trail. Just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about life or a certain situation, I get bamboozled once again. It’s funny to think I began my life as an understandably naive believer. Still just a wee child, praying to God for a puppy. A golden retriever like in Air Bud, to be exact! I mean, isn’t that what prayer is about? Just asking God for things? That’s what it seemed like for me at the time.

And then as I grew older, I grew more akin to agnosticism. Not exactly denying God but not exactly accepting Him either. As a teenager, I was open to the Universe but I didn’t exactly know… You know?

Eventually, I hit rock bottom at 20 years old. I was miserable and I couldn’t handle it anymore. My friends or family couldn’t either. I was a mess.

Yet during our most difficult challenges, lies something special to be revealed if we’re willing to look at it for what it truly is. Front and center. No more excuses. No more distractions. Just you and your feelings and thoughts.

What do they reveal?

For me, I realized that I was carrying so much negativity through my actions and words that I had actually made myself sick!

I, unknowingly, had been feeding myself words of hate, anger and resentment. This not only came from my thoughts but shone on my physical body. And I thought my hatred was completely justified! I thought I knew the truth. I demanded that I should have received better treatment. I seethed in anger and a desire for revenge.

But this “truth” was only one side of a situation that may have many dimensions. What about the other persons’ truth? How did they view our conflict?

All I know now is, that it is better to look at all things with a loving heart.

And that’s only something that God has revealed to me.


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