The Decision to Become A Writer

My soul yearns to write. When I do not choose to write, as in, pursue something else, I feel gravely mistaken. Suddenly my throat begins to constrict and my voice becomes nothing but a whisper. I am made small, frail and just an empty body-machine.

There were numerous moments when I walked the other way. When I didn’t write. I didn’t write because I thought other avenues were much more pleasing at the time. And for this, I take no regrets. Sometimes we must walk the other way in order to figure out the right way.

Life is like a jumbled up box of puzzle pieces. And if we are curious and willing enough, we can put the pieces back together again.

My life is like that. Figuring out where to put all these interesting situations in their proper place. Figuring out how to handle them.

Having an eagle’s eye point of view helps. That basically means looking at the bigger picture.

To be honest, our calling is always there. Even when we don’t walk the yellow brick road! Because we can always begin again, try again, get up again.

The reason why I have decided to become a writer is actually very simple. It gives me a voice. It helps me introspect and chip away at the rough edges of my being until finally I can gaze at my masterpiece. In all honesty, it is my pathway of finding God and having him stay in my life…


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