Look at all things with Love

Bend like a willow tree

Rooted to the Earth

Yet willing to embrace

The wind of change

It was only a few years ago when I wrote this poem out of the blue. This poem came to me when I was feeling rather inspired. I felt inspired because of the miraculous feeling of love I had experienced a couple years prior. There was a dramatic shift that occurred to me back in mid 2018 that changed my life forever. Every time I think of it, I always remember what’s most important in life. It is the notion that nothing else matters but love.

As I grow older, the past seems to creep up to me. Certain patterns within myself, the way I respond, the things I do… I went through a lot. And as much as it entices me to write a whole book about all the things I went through, I stop.

I stop because none of that matters anymore.

What does matter is that I look on all past unhealed situations with love and forgiveness.

So that’s what I’ll continue to do.

It’s all very simple.


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