Future Writer and Coffee Beans

The hum drum of the coffee shop

Settles down with ease

When a spark of inspiration

Comes swirling through the beans

From lattes to frappuccinos to cappuccinos too

Lay a space there to think while the caffeine goes through

Your stomach yearns for more, so maybe a scone or two

And once you’re finished, maybe your work will be magnum opus soon!


The Rhyme Game

Rhyming is a fun game

It makes remembering easy and turns every word into a song to play

It’s rather quite simple once you discover the words to pronounce

So they can pounce and flounce with every intonation you say!

You can turn them into art and paint pictures with them

Instead of colors, “paint” emotions and pen your feelings through them

Get abstract, get creative, whatever spills through you

There’s no defined rules

Just be you

Express through words and you’ll be born anew!