Why I decided to create a blog


I am pleasantly surprised I’ve come across my first follower for this new blog. Hello, new follower! And also I am grateful for the likes on my posts, it is like a constant reassurance from the Universe that we never go through life alone! I’m happy that you guy have enjoyed it, and hopefully found something inspiring in it.

The reason for this new post is just to clarify why exactly I decided to come here on WordPress. First of all, I have always loved writing. I discovered the more I did some serious introspection, the more I discovered that sometimes our true calling begins when we are children. And ever since I was a child, I have loved to read and write.

During the summers as a middle schooler, I would write short stories and poems and silly songs in those composition books we’d use for class. I’d practically fill up the whole notebook by the end of that two-month summer. I have an older sister who is 5 years older than me, with a birthday just one day short of mine and we have always been like yin and yang for each other.

We’d hang out in my room, and I’d create stories while we’d blabber about whatever children blabber about. I’d even make stories for her, read them to her, and act them out. It was such a fun, creative, and limitless time in my childhood and I will never forget it.

So yeah, here I am! Still writing. And I am so happy I came back to it, no matter how hard and confusing my life got.

I’m happy to say that I finally secured a job and am just waiting for a call back to get rehired.

It’s an old job and you might know it!

I will be back to brewing coffee, blending Frappuccinos, and even pursuing my dream!