Home feels like

A quiet Sunday morning

The concrete after a rainy day

The hope in your heart

When opportunity strikes you

And nothing ever feels quite the same

It is the essence of Life

The very substrate!

It is the soft under belly

Of the old stray

Who gazes at you

And strides your way

Her very presence

Blessing upon your day

Home is a sort of melting

A softening of the heart

Something you keep within you

Even when your world falls apart

Home is the mountain

You climb to the tippy top

The cry of victory

The sweetness of success!

Home is a place

A feeling

A state

Home is always one call away

When the body is weary and tired of what seems like an endless search

Home beckons forth

When you need it most


When A Prayer Gets Answered

A couple days ago, I was training at my new job when I saw a board of post it notes dedicated to a “Week of Kindness.” There were plenty of encouraging notes, typically saying “You’re beautiful” or “Have a wonderful day.” But one particular note stood out to me.

It said: “ Some things end because people aren’t ready. If it isn’t meant to be, don’t wait.” With a heart drawn at the end of it.

As soon as I read it, something about it spoke to me. I’d been having a very difficult time moving on from a recent previous relationship and it comforted me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

The pain of heartache still hurts me to this day, but I know with time it will fade. I guess it’s just part of the human experience.

I’m holding on to this message for now. As it really is helping me cope at least a little bit.

To anybody else out there dealing with heartache, it will get better. You just have to let yourself feel it first. It ain’t so bad after awhile. Pretty soon you’ll be able to wake up in the morning again and look forward to the day.

Maybe you’ll meet a new person or maybe you won’t. Maybe it’s not time to start dating again and you need to focus on yourself… Whatever new road you’ll come across, I’m sure it will be a great new adventure.