Home feels like

A quiet Sunday morning

The concrete after a rainy day

The hope in your heart

When opportunity strikes you

And nothing ever feels quite the same

It is the essence of Life

The very substrate!

It is the soft under belly

Of the old stray

Who gazes at you

And strides your way

Her very presence

Blessing upon your day

Home is a sort of melting

A softening of the heart

Something you keep within you

Even when your world falls apart

Home is the mountain

You climb to the tippy top

The cry of victory

The sweetness of success!

Home is a place

A feeling

A state

Home is always one call away

When the body is weary and tired of what seems like an endless search

Home beckons forth

When you need it most



Don’t try to figure it all out on your own

Don’t overwhelm yourself

The answers will come naturally

And fill you with clarity

Inspiration will strike

When you forget about time

You will be taken to all the right places and faces

And your plans will be just as organized as your to-do list you write at night

So please don’t worry

Please don’t fret

Every step is right on track